Korg EM-1 Editor 2.00

Korg EM-1 Editor 2.00: Editor & Pattern  Manager for the Korg Electribe EM-1 Groovebox pattern makes it very easy keeping track of what`s going on in your sequences. Fast access to all Pattern Steps and Parameters of all Parts. Name & Style handling for Patterns integrated. Main features: Step Sequencer - Full emulation of the EM-1 Step Sequencer engine - Start, Stop, Swing, Mute/Un-Mute, Solo/Un-Solo etc... Pattern Editor: - Load Pattern - Save Pattern - Import/Export SysEx (.syx) Pattern - Rotate Steps (left/right) - Random Steps

Refined ElliottWave Trader (RET) Classic 1.12.04: The Refined Elliott Trader pattern recognition software:World #1 in Elliott Wave
Refined ElliottWave Trader (RET) Classic 1.12.04

patterns. In 2001 Elliottician began a 5 year 10 million Elliot Wave pattern statistical study which validated and verified the existence of REAL MARKET PATTERNS. It also uncovered a large number of differences between patterns within different markets. The results are packed into the new Eliott Wave pattern analysis engine. Did you know that FOREX price patterns and Index price patterns are dramatically different? So are patterns in a bullish markets

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Pattern Panics! 1.02: Build and solve over 250 fun levels in this unique puzzle game
Pattern Panics! 1.02

Pattern Panics! is a very simple puzzle game. The player must create pattern from the tile that drops from the top. Wide variety of different patterns gives many different challenges from easy to difficult. Pattern Panics! can be learned very quickly, and offers many hours of play time. Play more than 250 challenging levels in Pattern Panics! Pattern Panics! has four different modes. These modes are create mode, puzzle mode, survival mode, and destroy

games, windows, strategy, children, nonviolent, kids, scarsoft, puzzle, pattern, panics, shareware, demos, logic

IcePattern for After Effects   1.1: Creates an effect of a window covered with frostings, frost flowers and “plant
IcePattern for After Effects 1.1

Pattern. You can animate the created patterns and adjust their size, shape, motion parameters, material and lighting properties. Frozen patterns can also be animated. Frostings, for example, can grow along the specified contour. You can create complex multi-layer compositions made up of frost flowers, animate their parameters so that your ice-pictures look as alive! IcePattern consists of three modules: IcePattern Geometry IcePattern Floral IcePattern

window, design, after, winter, plug in, editing, animation, plugin, frost, video, effects, filter, snow

Pattaizer 1.5: An unusual pattern picture generator with a creative twist
Pattaizer 1.5

patterns can be made in the application itself - use scripts to create sequence of pattern changes - apply scripts to create video`s of changing patterns on any bitmap - save the patterns as a wire-frame or as the final resulting picture bitmap - each pattern has variety of dedicated and effective controls to manipulate the pattern - the size multiplier to generate huge patterns (no program limit to size, but merely the available RAM of the PC) -

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IcePattern for Photoshop 1.2: Creates an effect of a window covered with frostings, frost flowers and 'plants'
IcePattern for Photoshop 1.2

Ice Pattern is powerful and unique plugin module for Adobe Photoshop-compatible editors. With the help of this tool you can easily and quickly create very beautiful and amazing ice patterns similar to the ones that grow on windows in winter. Ice Pattern is a truly unique tool. You can draw beautiful ice patterns only with the help of our plug-in. No other tools exist to create effects of this kind. Only our product will enable you to do it.

window, photo, design, winter, corel, plug in, editing, picture, plugin, frost, photoshop, filter, snow

HatchKit Create/edit hatch patterns for ArchiCAD, Revit, VerctorWorks, AutoCAD, DataCAD.

pattern by spacing in any two directions free from any rectangular or square tiling constraints. HatchKit`s layering capability easily manages apparently random concrete or geologic patterns. Editing tools - object and grid snap, select, delete, cut, copy, paste, undo and redo, zoom and pan. Rescale entire patterns. Stretch, mirror, skew, rotate and move individual layers. View the entire pattern or just the current layer showing or hiding pattern

solidworks, intellicad, allycad, cartography, chief architect, microstation, generator, design, architecture, editor, archicad, engineering, create

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